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All Creation Is Waiting

On one of our last beautifully warm days, I decided to squeeze in a jog through the woods. It was to be a quick trip, just to get a bit of fresh air and exercise before plunging into a million other responsibilities. I knew that sunshine and movement would make my day more productive.

The trees were still and bare and dark. The woods were quiet as I jogged along under their sheltered canopy. The hard-packed path traveled over roots and bridges and at the turn, I noticed an empty bench looking out over the lake.

woman and dog looking out over the Grand Canyon

I considered jogging right past, but you see, the sunlight and the lake and voice of God invited me to be still. So I sat and breathed in the good air, and the dying leaves and the serene, blue water.

lake view through bare tree branches

And as I sat there, I considered the contrast between the still calm of the woods and the frantic, stressful tension of society. Not an original thought by any means, but one worth noting. I thought of how untouched nature seems, and how unaffected by the affairs of men. The seasons, vegetation, and beauty continue no matter what kind of frenzy we work ourselves into. 

Nature seemed to me unaffected by our wars and striving, but I know really it is greatly changed by our choices and our designs. The landscape I was viewing has been altered by civilization building and restructuring. The forest floor has been invaded with garlic mustard weed. Just because the change hasn’t happened in my lifetime doesn’t mean there hasn’t been one.

As I sat enjoying the calm lake, I was reminded of Romans 8:19. How great will it be when Jesus returns and governs to the betterment of all creation?! It won’t be man vs. nature, but the two in harmony both improving and fulfilling their purpose and destiny.

hand cupping growing buttercups

Creation is waiting. I am waiting. And the Scripture gives me hope that a new day will come.

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