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Dinner by Design: Red, White and Blue Table

Perfect for Memorial Day, the 4th of July, or any patriotic party, this red, white and blue table design has easy and inexpensive decor that make it simple to recreate. Dollar bandanas are the key element that splash red into bright and beautiful place settings.

The entire table set in red, white and blue with red bandana handkerchiefs draping over layered dishes.

Red bandana handkerchiefs

I rediscovered these red bandanas in my napkin dresser as I was putting something away the other day. I love the idea of using handkerchiefs as an extra large napkins! You can purchase these for 99 cents each at Hobby Lobby. And if you’re not interested in bright red, they have plenty of other options. If you’re in need of a cute napkin for any table you are setting, these handkerchiefs are so affordable!

So I pulled out these fun handkerchief napkins and set out to design my red, white and blue table.

Red bandana draped over a layered red, white and blue place setting.

Plate and linen layers

Rather than lay a tablecloth, I knew that the wood table would also play nicely with this color scheme. So I was happy to discover that I had some blue placemats. They weren’t the navy blue that you would expect with this color combo, but I found that to be a credit rather than a deficit.

I was also pleased to find more red napkins in my drawer. I folded these in half and laid them over the blue placemat. If you didn’t already have red cloth napkins, consider these solid red handkerchiefs that you can find at Hobby Lobby with the other bandanas.

Corner of layered plates and linens.

Next was the white plastic dollar store charger that I use with many of my Dinner by Design tablescapes. I bought these forever ago, but there are other styles readily available today.

The beautiful blue and white china plate is inherited from my Grandma. Any blue and white patterned plate, or even solid blue plate, would work for this red, white and blue table design.

Next, I folded the red bandana napkin in fourths lengthwise and laid it across the entire setting so far. My main course, was Pulled Pork Bowls, so these squared Dollar Tree bowls topped the place setting.


Who knew that I would find these delft pieces at a garage sale! A lovely bud vase and two candlesticks.

Blue delft pieces in a centerpiece display.

This white serving plate or tray is a great centerpiece base for my narrow red, white and blue table. I had a strip of red 2 1/2 inch wide unwired burlap that helped stage the delft ceramics.

Candlesticks would have made my center vase of flowers the lowest point when I wanted it to be the highest point. Rather than use candles, I decided to fill the candlesticks with little United States flags! My guests were impressed that they seemed to hang so nicely. But really, there was nothing inside the candlestick to hold them in place. Just set them in and spread them out and they’ll hang nicely.

A delft candlestick holding several US flags.

Another red bandana set at an angle with corners pointing to the table sides, was my main center linen for the red, white and blue tablescape.


As I mentioned, Danilicious Pulled Pork Bowls were the main dish. So the squared Royal Norfolk Dollar Tree dishes were a fortuitous find! But I didn’t follow the pork portion of this recipe since I had little time for prep this week. Instead I purchased two Hormel Mesquite BBQ Pork Tenderloins which I threw in the slow cooker with a can of root beer and cooked on low for most of the day.

Dinner in a bowl with pulled pork, roasted corn, black beans, roasted sweet potato rounds, pickled onions avocado and lime.

The pork bowls were a meal by themselves so I only added these Chasety Mozzerella Stuffed Soft Pretzels and little fruit and cheese skewers. The pretzels were fun to make and eat! But they took nearly twice as long to prepare as the recipe stated. The adorable fruit picks were also from Hobby Lobby.

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    This 4th of July setup looks amazing! Thank you so much for giving our Mozzarella Stuffed Pretzels a try. I apologize for the incorrect time on the recipe – I am updating it now.

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