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DIY daybed from a convertible bunkbed

Since our new guest room is near the front door, I wanted to make it a little more versatile than just a bedroom. I’m sure I will be using the space for computer work and morning devotions so a DIY daybed seemed to be the best option for furniture.

DIY daybed made from a convertible bunkbed

The Creative Process

Not being one to go out and buy new furniture when I’ve got things stashed in the basement, I put my creativity to work to come up with the best solution using found materials. Using the frame from our bunkbed would allow me to stash another mattress underneath as a trundle. That is, if the house is completely full and I need to.

The pieces of a convertible bunkbed include 2 stackable ends that can be used as headboards, 2 stackable ends that can be used as footboards, and 2 bottom pieces made up of long sides with several slats.

To set this up as a bunkbed, you use a headboard at the head and foot of the bottom bunk attaching the bottom piece to create a bed. Then you would stack the two footboards above and attach the remaining bottom piece. Add a ladder and side rails and you have the bunkbed.

bed made with a sheet and quilted cover as a headboard

To create the DIY daybed, I simply started the same way with the two headboards on both ends with the bottom piece connecting them both. This was all that I had planned to do at first, besides adding some throw pillow across the back as a false couch back.

Then I thought about possibly adding a queen size headboard across the back instead…

But I had no headboard.

When I realized I had two quilted comforters from when it was used as a bunkbed, I began to imagine using the extra comforter to wrap around the back pillows. Which would additionally make my bed look more like a sofa.

Then in a brilliant moment, the thought came to take the second bunkbed bottom and flip it sideways across the back! Eureka!

Executing the idea

So that’s what I did. The second bottom, of course, fits exactly between the end pieces. Since Shawn was concerned about the corner brackets punching into the drywall, I cut a pool noodle piece and taped it around the sharp corners. I knew I’d also be covering it with a quilted comforter which adds further protection from those edges.

collage of exposed ends of bottom piece and ends covered by cut pool noodle

After I set up the bottom piece, leaning it against the wall, I draped my second comforter over it. Next I slid in the bunkie board into place and added my mattress.

quilt pulled away to expose the bottom piece laid sideways as a headboard
back quilt lifted to expose pillows

I pulled out the mattress from the wall a little for the next step as I placed six bed pillows against the back. Bed pillows are something else I have in abundance! I tucked down the comforter and slide the mattress back into place. It was also easy to tuck in the edges of the comforter at the sides of the back. I love that these pillows are now easily accessible for sleeping but are not in the way while sitting.

Lastly, I made the bottom bed with the matching comforter and set up two body pillows that I recently purchased at Target.

Blast from the past

I searched through some old photos to see if I could give you an idea of what the structure looked like as a bunkbed. Here is a very cute one of my son as a toddler, and here is another one of his very crazy, busy teenager room! In the second picture, you can see the two quilted comforters that I used on my daybed.

young boy on a top bunk
bunkbed in boy's room

Your turn!

I realize that the decor may not be very modern. But I was happy to be able to use what I already had on hand. I think you could recreate this using any convertible bunkbed and matching comforters or quilts so stylizing this according to your own preferences will not be a problem.

completed daybed with two body pillows

So I’m loving my new DIY daybed! I’m super grateful to have a cozy spot for both sitting and sleeping. And all I ended up spending money on was the body pillows!

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