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Rustic DIY Ornaments Ebook

Over the years, I’ve been creating rustic DIY ornaments from basic, simple materials. Christmas can become such an expensive holiday! I believe some of the stress of the season comes from overspending in a frenzied attempt to please. The rustic DIY ornaments found in my free holiday ebook are a fun, crafty way to slow down, enjoy the season, save a buck and fill your house with love!

Although this free ebook was launched last year, I found that I haven’t yet posted about it! These 7 (or 8 depending on how you count) unique, homespun ornament designs are ones I’ve created and used to decorate over several decades. I’d say my style is organic, rustic and traditional, at times whimsical, all while embracing an appreciation for minimalism. In the 36 page pdf, you will receive directions for Easy Chalkboard Ornaments, Cinnamon Hearts, Brown Paper Gingerbread People, Brown Paper “Wood” Shavings, Better-Than-Salt-Dough Ornaments, Denim Christmas Balls, Denim Star, and White Star Garland.

More than just a book of patterns and rustic DIY ornaments however, this little ebook is sprinkled with Christmas spirit in the form of devotional readings. These short, inspirational reflections are gathered from my own previous holiday posts and reflect the virtures of Love, Joy, Peace and Hope.

Easy Chalkboard Ornaments

The only skill required for these ornaments is pretty handwriting. They are a fun way to add message and sentiment to your tree.

Cinnamon Hearts

cinnamon hearts tied with twine nestled in a box with tissue paper.

From my very first married Christmas, these inexpensive, scented hearts tied with twine are a romantic reminder of family and tradition.

Brown Paper Ornaments

Gingerbread men and women with red bows.

You’ll need brown paper bags, a sewing machine and batting to create these sweet Gingerbread boys and girls. And the faux wood shavings are a magical discovery by my mother! Simply curl strips of brown paper as you would curling ribbon to create this effect.

Better-Than-Salt-Dough Ornaments

A white Christmas star hanging from a tree.

Salt dough has been a tradional medium for creating cut ornaments that harden. However, the rough salt texture still comes through in the finished ornament and the color is a yellowed white. This recipe uses cornstarch and baking soda to create a wonderfully white dough for rolling and cutting shapes. They harden beautifully like ceramic, keep their bright white for years and are smooth and paintable.

Repurposed Denim Ball Ornaments

A hanging Christmas ball wrapped in strips of denim

What could be more upscaled than denim ornaments? Use several shades of denim strips to create these homey, rustic DIY ornaments.

Denim Star

A star with an open center wrapped in strips of denim and resting beside a poinsetta.

Use the same denim strips to continue your design into a tree topper or a wall hanging.

White Star Garland

A ribbon and denim garland strung with white star buttons.

Tiny button stars from the “Better-Than-Salt” dough are strung with red and white ribbon and more denim strips.

Love, Joy, Peace & Hope – a Holiday Craft ebook

All these craft directions are available in the Holiday craft ebook, “Love, Joy, Peace & Hope”. This gift, as well as others printables, are available to RealizingHome subscribers. By subscribing to my monthly email, you can immediately receive this holiday craft book. And through the subsciber newsletter sent to your email early each month, you will be linked again to the holiday ebook and other free printable gifts, including the new “Lingering in Luke” advent devotional.

May your days be merry and bright! And may all your ornaments be creative!

Planning to use one of these patterns? Comment your favorite below and be sure to share this post with friends!

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