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Dollar Store Denim Heart Wreath

It’s Valentine’s season! I was shopping at Dollar Tree this week and spotted the heart floral frames that I had used to make a quick door hanging when we were selling the house. The frame cost me $1 and the other materials were repurposed! So honestly, I can’t imagine a more inexpensive way to decorate your door! I decided to buy some wired, red canvas ribbon to spruce it up for Valentine’s Day and had to invest $10 into the project because I didn’t have any on hand. Still, for $11 or less you could recreate this dollar store Denim Heart Wreath, and that’s still a pretty good deal. Plus, repurpose some denim in the process.

strips of denim and heart shaped floral wreath from Dollar Tree

Repurposing Denim

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have figured out that I like to use what I have on hand to create my decor. A few years ago, I had a pile of jeans and sweaters to get rid of that really weren’t going to resell at a consignment store, but I decided to hang onto them for future projects. I haven’t done anything with the sweaters yet, though I do have a few projects in mind. But the denim has turned into Denim Wrapped Christmas Balls, a Denim Star Decoration and garland for my Better Than Salt Dough ornaments. You can find all these directions in my free ebook. Scroll down to the bottom of my Subscriber page for the Love, Joy, Peace & Hope ebook.

materials for Denim Heart Wreath

Materials and the Process

Because the wreath was going to be entirely denim blue, I wanted to add a little dimension by using four different shades from two pairs of jeans, and additional striped and chambray fabrics. I cut up the jean legs into strips, and cut strips from the fabric. The width doesn’t really matter. Mine are about ½ inch wide, but I was just eye-balling as I cut. Then I cut the strips into eight inch lengths.

My wire heart floral frame from Dollar Tree has three wires all around. I simply tied the denim to the middle wire. I grouped each fabric color in bunches together. Here you can see that I worked two, three, or four ties of the same fabric before switching. You can complete the wreath all the way around leaving space at the top for your bow.

denim strips tied into Denim Heart Wreath frame
trimming denim edges on Denim Heart Wreath

After I had added all the ties, I trimmed the ties with scissors to a more even width. Always make sure your ties are wider than your frame.

Denim Heart Wreath on white door with green floral ribbon
denim heart wreath with red ribbon
tuck ribbon into the top wires of the heart frame

Next I cut a length of wired ribbon for my hanger. (You could probably use any wide ribbon or fabric.) You can see I needed a long hanger for my white door, and a short hanger for my wood door. Working from the front side, I fed the ribbon, under, over, under the three wires at the top of the heart, and folded the edge to close in the back. 

pinching ribbon bottoms of Denim Heart Wreath

After I made a simple bow, I safety-pinned the bow to my hanger and pinned the hanger shut at the same time. The ends of my bow, I pinched together to close and tucked inward.

Project Complete!

For my metal door I was able to use a magnetic hook, and on my wooden door used a command hook. You can manipulate the fabric hanger to lay correctly and your dollar store Denim Heart Wreath is complete!

Denim Heart Wreath on white door with green floral ribbon

Denim Heart Wreath

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

A dollar store floral frame and leftever denim jeans are easily transformed into this cute door decoration.


  • 1 heart shaped wire wreath support
  • 2 pairs of denim jeans in different shades
  • extra fabric (optional)
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • safety pin


  1. Cut or rip several strips of fabric and denim, approximately 1/2 inch wide. Cut strips into 8 inch lengths.
  2. Working with one fabric at a time, tie strips onto the center wire of the heart shape. Tie 2-4 strips arranging them next to each other. Then add more of that fabric in a different section, again grouping 2-4 together. Finish one color of fabric and then repeat with another color of fabric or denim. Fill in all around the frame, leaving the top of the heart free to thread the ribbon.denim strips tied into Denim Heart Wreath frame
  3. Trim around the outer edges and inner edges of the denim strips to create a straighter edge.
  4. Choose how far you want your heart to hang from your hook. Measure your ribbon to twice that length and then a little more to fold over.
  5. At the top of your heart form, tuck the ribbon under lower wire, over the middle wire, and under the top wire.tuck ribbon into the top wires of the heart frame
  6. Cut more ribbon to desired length to tie a bow.
  7. Overlap the hanging ribbon. Run a safety pin through the bow and pin the hanging ribbon shut.
  8. Hang from a hook on your door and enjoy!


Your hanging ribbon can be whatever length you want it.

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