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Emergency guide for the hurried dinner hostess

Take the stress out of dinner hosting with Help! Company’s Coming, my free subscriber give-away this summer. This collection of five dinners and two dessert recipes also features pictures, stories and tips. It’s 28 pages (or 29 with the back page) that I hope will encourage you to open your doors to friends and neighbors and will help you feel better prepared for last minute dinners that occur.

My parents and grandparents inspired the idea for this little cookbook with their ever-welcoming table. Hopefully, the Trotter tradition of hospitality lives on in me! You will find little snippets of dinner foibles from our own lives tucked into the pages.

In this ebook you will learn how to make –

Rosemary Dijon Sheet Pan Chicken

Rosemary Sheet Pan chicken with sweet potatoes, broccoli and chicken

Tacos and Fajitas

Since these are prepared very similarly, I lumped them together as one.

cast iron skillet with fajita meat, a plate with a filled fajita, and a skillet of roasted corn


Chili has so many possibilities!

chili on macaroni, on hot dogs, on baked potatoes or in a bowl

Classic Potato Soup

This delicious soup uses broth instead of milk! It’s so simple, so tasty, and easy to make vegan.

three soup mugs of Simple Potato Soup

Homemade Pizza

Pizza is a crowd-pleaser and easy to order in. But if the budget is tight, this homemade pizza whips up pretty quickly and looks impressive!

Pepperoni pizza with green peppers

And more

The ebook also has a pantry list and even a guide for making Stone Soup! You will find the desserts – Blondies and Simple Apple Turnovers – are also quick and easy favorites. As I’ve mentioned, the recipes have humorous stories from my own childhood sprinkled throughout. To access my ebook for free, subscribe below. If you’re already a subscriber, check your latest email for your free link access.

cover of ebook

So what are you waiting for? Don’t be caught off guard; be ready for instant dinner hosting! Download the ebook and try all the recipes with your family and guests. And be sure to let me know which recipes and stories you liked best.

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