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Every Day With Jesus

If you’re a Christ follower then you’re probably reading your Bible everyday, right? Or you know you should be. But there’s so much else to do! God will understand. He’s merciful, right? We’d like to measure up with consistent, daily devotions. But the more we miss out, the more we hesitate to draw near to God. So why does shame so easily keep us from doing what we know is spiritually healthy?

Recently I heard someone call the song “Give Me Jesus”, the adult version of “Jesus Loves Me This I Know”. They meant it in a good way. It’s simple and it’s vital to remember. Constantly. Every day. Jesus is a better treasure than anything else in this world!

Now being a spiritual, if you look at the verses of this song, you can tell that the “morning” is really speaking of awakening to spiritual life after physical death. But that just emphasizes even more the song’s message that nothing else in life is as significant as knowing Christ. It reminds me of another song that has been playing over and over in my mind and soul lately called “None but Jesus” by Hillsong. This song also speaks to me about the beauty of spending time with Jesus. “There is no one else for me. None but Jesus.” In quiet. In chaos. In confusion. He’s always there. We get so easily overwhelmed and distracted by the bustle and trouble around us, but Jesus is our true anchor, our hope and safety. He stills our souls and comforts us if we will come to him.

Finding Devotional Time When There Is No Time To Spare

I recently spoke to a super busy mom involved with medical school, work and caring for a young one. She was feeling a little guilty about not having lots of time to spend with the Lord. There just doesn’t seem to be any time for Bible reading and prayer and meditation! Where could she possibly eek out an hour?

I remember when I had three littles under the age of four, and they needed constant attention and care! I wasn’t earning a degree, but motherhood doesn’t provide a single moment of “me” time! God knows our sleep deprivation. He knows we have no time.

But here’s the thing. We need him! Especially when we have no time! If you find yourself with no time to spend with the Lord, I encourage you to begin to make a dedicated space for him somewhere in your schedule. “Give me Jesus” suggests “in the morning when I rise”. First thing in the morning is a great time! Unless of course, your children wake you up regularly. Or maybe you can carve out a time before bed. Or during lunch. 

I’m encouraged by the story of the widow’s mite in Mark 12:41-44. Jesus didn’t measure the quantity of the widow’s offering. It wasn’t significant because it was a large contribution, but because the widow generously gave everything. God treasures his time with us. The fact that our time is precious makes it all the more holy and valuable a treasure to him.

When my kids were little, Sesame Street was my way to have half an hour to read the Bible, pray and just spend time with the Lord! Now I’m not sure Sesame Street is what I would choose today, and TV is probably not the best babysitter, but it is honestly how I made daily devotions work. And staying in the word of God every day really did anchor my hope and faith.

Do you know what Susanna Wesley did? She would flip her apron over her head to indicate to her children that she was spending time with God! You can read her story here.  Our children benefit from seeing our disciplined faith. And understanding that they aren’t the center of our universe, but Jesus is. 

This Season Too Shall Pass

When my kids were older and could take care of themselves without my constant attention, I was able to spend more time with the Lord. I was finally able to get back to journaling. I had time to read nourishing books about Christ. I never had an apron that I flipped over my head, but the kids knew I was serious about spending time with Jesus.

Starting Small

All that said, I still haven’t added any time to your day or magical space in your schedule. It’s okay for habits to start small. Do you remember my recent post about Kendra Adachi’s book “The Lazy Genius Way”? One of her chapters is about this very thing – the importance of just doing the things that are truly important even if your efforts are ridiculously small. Like 5 minute devos. Or one Bible verse. Starting somewhere is the path to growth. Making a daily habit is easier if it is completely doable.

"You can have all this world, give me Jesus" text with woman at the ocean

I really am sort of begging you, on behalf of your future self, spend time every day with the Lord! Don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Just reading the Bible and talking to God is a great start. (Maybe start with one of the gospels in the New Testament if you haven’t read much of the Bible before.) Some days it may not feel worth the time and energy. Do it anyway! Exercise those spiritual muscles! Just like your natural muscles may ache and complain, you still benefit from the endorphins. Your spiritual muscles will grow stronger with use, your soul will be comforted and encouraged, and you may even begin to resonate with the words, “You can have all this world, give me Jesus”. 

Let this song encourage you to begin. “Give Me Jesus” by Fernando Ortega.

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