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Fun Fall Tables Decorated with Food

I like to switch out my table decor for every monthly dinner party I throw for my friends, and decorating with pumpkins, apples, popcorn or garden herbs gives me a fun medium to create seasonal centerpieces. None of these items is very expensive; some come directly from my yard. I hope you enjoy and become inspired by my fun tables to do some of your own decorating with food!

A touch of organic is a must for every tablescape. Each season has its own beauty. When we get into autumn, I turn less and less to traditional flowers and more toward the fall’s oranges, rusts and browns. Sometimes I still incorporate flowers, but I love little pumpkins and the bounty from my herb garden!

Pumpkin, Sage and Lavender

table centerpiece and set plate

This table incorporated both white and orange mini pumpkins. Tucked around my pumpkins are furry sage leaves and clippings from my Russian sage bushes. The table was set with a delicate purple and white tablecloth and topped with lace placemats. A ribbon tied lavendar stem tops the place setting. I love these colors – white and lilac, orange and green!

narrow tray filled with orange and white pumpkins, sage and purple stems

Mini Pumpkin Bouquets

mini pumpkin bouquets

These cute mini pumpkins came home with me one fall! They’re not just white or orange, but white with orange stripes in the grooves. I hollowed out the inside and stuffed them with my ripening Autumn Joy Sedum to make individual bouquets for each place setting.

Stacked Apple Candlesticks

two apple candlesticks beside a pie plate

What else could I hollow out? An apple! and tuck a votive candle inside! I wanted to add some height to this yellow and green table, but didn’t have tall, cute candlesticks. Starting with relatively straight apples, I sliced the bottom off one as a stable base. I ran a wooden skewer straight down and through another apple and then pierced into my top apple which held my votive candle. I set the base of my apple stack onto a small, square tile. Voila! Apple candle! I tucked in a few blossoms from my budding purple plum tree (yes, techniquely, I set this table in the spring) but you can find fall leaves or greenery to create your table instead. Even the pie plate that I later filled with Chicken Pot Pie, matched my fun fall table decorations.

Pineapple Candle Holder

set table with taper candle in a pineapple

There’s no limit to what you can stick candles into! Here is a taper that I shoved into my pineapple when I made Sticky Pineapple Chicken.

Hurricane Glass Candle Holders with Colored Popcorn

three candle holders filled with popcorn

Colored popcorn can also be a fun touch for your table! Here I nestled votives into tall hurrican vases and simply trimmed them with oregano and thyme from the herb garden.

Cherry Tomato Bouquet

brown teapot beside tomato goblet bouquets

The garden had a bumper crop of these golden cherry tomatoes this year so I decided they should be put to use as table decorations. I simply piled them into these green glass goblets and topped with the remaining perky flowers from an expiring bouquet! Then I nestled my lovely brown teapot between them and set the table with bold burgundy, green and gold. The tomato plant is still going strong and I’ll be eating these sweet gems for quite a few weeks yet!

Herb Teapot

teapot filled with a herb bouquet

I’ve also transformed the teapot into a vase for overflowing garden herbs. I’m not really that great at bouquets, but this one looked amazing! A few tall stems of my Russian sage are surrounded by sprigs of rosemary and Autumn Joy Sedum. Trailing lengths of oregano flow out from along the base. I sat the teapot on a sweet square plate and surrounded it with creamers stuffed with Autumn Joy Sedum, votive candles and fall leaves.

I hope these table settings inspire you! Creativity makes a beautiful table even with the simple, natural pieces you can pick up at the grocery store or harvest from your own backyard.

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