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Dinner by Design: Green-on-Green Tablescape

Inspired only slightly by St. Patrick’s Day, this green-on-green tablescape does just what it implies. Layers on layers of green in similar shades accented with occasional hints of soft yellow. This tablescape demonstrates table decorating with the focus on one hue, as well as using food as a centerpiece and decorating around it.

Layers of green

I was seeing green everywhere as I imagined my latest dinner by design tablescape, and my thoughts turned to some round, woven, grass-green placemats that I seldom pull out. I love green! Nearly every shade. And these grassy green placemats made my heart warm and happy.

With placemats selected, my mind began searching through my mental catalog of matching dishware and table items. I immediately remembered my Old World Green dinner plates! I love the unique pattern on these, and their presence on my table heightened the use of green, but also introduced white and yellow.

Could I get away with another layer of green? What would happen if I set out the swirling, pastel green tablecloth I had purchased one year for Easter? So I brought it out and accessed what I had so far. Now I was not only layering green but also combining complimentary patterns. I loved the richness and depth these pieces acheived for my green-on-green tablescape!

Half table of the green on green tablescape showing three place settings and the bread tray centerpiece.

And a bit of yellow

Since I had adorable, light yellow floral napkin rings, I knew that I could add yet another layer of green with my cloth napkins. The napkin rings broke up the green and looked stunning.

Setting with menu in mind

Centerpiece of Hot Spinach Dip is surrounded by bread and crackers on a wooden tray.

My dinner plan is always a key factor in the design. The main course was a hearty Chicken Stew by Budget Bytes that I wanted to serve with a Martha Stewart’s Hot Spinach Dip. I’d served the dip before from my wooden tray which mimics the shape of my serving dish. And I have the perfect bean bag that I can hide underneath napkins on the tray to keep the dip warm. There is even the perfect amount of space to surround the dish with bread and crackers. One of my guests brought some of her homemade sourdough! Yum!

So with the menu in mind, I needed to add bowls. The white bowls were perfect and reminded me that I had some white chargers I could add! Because sometimes more is more.

Closeup of place setting. Green tablecloth, green woven placemat, white charger, Old World patterned plate, topped with a yellow flower napkin ring around a green cloth napkin.

Adding more feminine touches

The Hot Spinach Dip deserved to be front and center, but I wanted to add some more pretties to my table. My tiny cutting boards matched the wooden serving tray and I topped these with some Dollar Tree flowers and assorted candles. I wanted some more natural elements and purchased a variety pack of White Natural Decorative Spheres from Hobby Lobby. I set these tiny decorated boards beside the large tray which awaited the Hot Spinach Dip.

One yellow floral and one green floral shaker for salt and pepper.

Of course, I wanted salt and pepper for the soup. And of course, this salt and pepper shaker set I had picked up second hand were perfect.

A small white tray topped with moss, a votive and decorative spheres.

Then I remembered two darling, round, white trays whose scalloped edges resembled my white chargers. They were too cute not to use, so I found some packaged moss and added candles and spheres to these as well.

Don’t forget dessert

The simplicity of the meal was on purpose since I knew my busy day left little time for an elaborate meal. However, dessert looked as though I’d fussed. But really I hadn’t. I found ready made cannoli shells at my local grocery store, filled them with an easy filling and sprinkled them with powdered sugar. Oh, and I guess I did make my own candied orange peel to sprinkle on some of them.

Two cannoli nestled on a green square plate.

For the cannoli filling I used the simple recipe found at Barley and Sage. The three ingredient filling is SO simple; it only takes some planning ahead. The recipe suggested straining the ricotta with cheesecloth for 8-12 hours, which I did. But this didn’t seem to result in much excess liquid being removed so I’m guessing I used a pretty thick brand of ricotta. Don’t remember what it was actually.

The Alessi Cannoli Shells were pretty good. I would have preferred the mini size which our store didn’t carry.

Anyway, the package of cannoli shells contained six and each serving was one ginormous cannoli. I brought out some pea green square plates for serving. Aren’t they beauties?

Loving the layers

Are you with me in loving the green? What color will you be layering at your next dinner party? Be sure to share in the comments. And spread the love by sharing this post with friends on social!

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