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Dinner by Design: Rosy Peach Tablescape

To be honest, peach is not one of my favorite colors. But I discovered this month that it can really look beautiful next to my absolutely favorite color which is mossy green. I’m forever learning and discovering as I look to create beautiful table designs using found items around my house. And once again, food takes center stage as decoration in this Rosy Peach Tablescape.

Closeup of rose against a green napkin

My muse this month was the Tahitiian Sunset rosebush in my backyard. I think that’s the variety, but I can’t be absolutely sure since it was planted by my home’s previous owner. The roses were bursting out all over my large bush the week before my dinner party, and I had planned to use them prolifically. I choose my table linens accordingly, but by the day of, I had very few blooms to choose from.

Two peachy pink, full rose blooms held up against backdrop of a set rosy peach tablescape.


I choose these large white dinner plates because I wanted a big presentation of the colorful salad I would be serving. The square design accented all the curvy and circular elements of my artistic dinner and framed it all nicely.

Chicken Salad Fruit Platter on table lying beside a peach rose.


I realized that my best match to these beauties was a square overlay inherited from a relative. I hadn’t been sure that I would ever use this piece since it was peach. But it was a such a beautiful accent to the flowers so I brought it out.

I needed a delicate underlay to my big and bold dinner plate so I laid these lace placemats over a soft, green folded napkin. The masculine square shape plays with the feminine, delicate lace and compliments the shape of the plate above it.

Identical green napkins are used as, well, napkins. The wooden napkin rings’ rich tone matches my table that shows through in this peach tablescape design. And my few salvaged peach rose blooms got tucked their stems tucked here.


It was a shame to cover the embroidered design of my peach overlay, but I was willing to sacrifice it in order to create a stand for my croissants. I perched this round, flat platter atop of a cereal bowl turned upside down.

First photo is of a white bowl placed upside down over the peach overlay. The second photo is of a decorative round plate set on top of it.

Next, I tucked some artificial flowers in to surround the base. Originally my plan would have been to use more roses instead of these artificial flowers from the downstairs basement. In hindsight, I could have left the flowers off, simply showing the embroidered overlay pattern.

White lilies and rosy peach blooms tucked under the edges of the pedestaled plate.

Chicken Salad Fruit Plate

And now it was time to make dinner. Which was for both eating and loveliness.

Fruit plating design drawn out on paper lying beside plates of melon arcs imitating drawn design.

First, I had to map out and execute my fruit design. I used butter lettuce leaves to hold my chicken salad and my cottage cheese.

Here’s the link to the Lemon Pepper Chicken Salad. Although I used an ice cream scoop for the cottage cheese, I didn’t have one as large as I liked for the chicken salad. So I improvised and used my custard cups as a mold.


A beautiful plate of sliced melons, kiwi, fresh pineapple, grapes, nectarines, berries, Lemon Pepper Chicken Salad and cottage cheese.

After the croissants were in place and the table was completely set, here was the Rosy Peach Tablescape.

Rosy Peach Tablescape showing full plates of Chicken Salad Fruit Platter and a mounded centerpiece of bread and cheese.

Those small white pitchers contain Fruit Salad Syrup with Fresh Herbs. One is Mint Syrup and the other is Basil and Honey. The herbs were picked fresh from my garden.

Two jars of fruit salad dressing on a cutting board surrounded by berries, basil, and mint

A light dinner?

I expected this to be a light dinner and prepared my Grandma’s Baked Fudge for dessert. I was wrong about the meal being light. It was really quite filling! But we made sure we had room for the baked fudge! This recipe is still a work in progress and not ready to be shared yet because Grandma’s notes have some gaps I’m trying to fill in.

Just imagine walnut fudge brownies topped with another layer of fudge! Nobody could make them like Grandma! In this attempt the top layer turned out very crumbly. Not picture worthy at all. I’ll be sure to share photos and recipe when I get the missing details worked out.

Hope you enjoy the photos, design tips and recipes! Be sure to check out other Dinner by Designs from my site as well. I’d love to hear your comments below.

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